C.J. Silas '90

C.J. Silas

An LA native with nearly 30 years of sports talk radio experience, CJ has interviewed some of the biggest names in sports! 

How did your experiences at SU shape your career?

Without my time and experiences at SU I NEVER could have handled the ups and downs of my 30 year career in sports media. The minute I got to my first job I knew I had gone to the right school. Syracuse and Newhouse put me ahead of everyone else. I was still learning in the working world, but I was comfortable behind the camera and in front of a microphone. 

 What was you first job after college?

I was fortunate to get a job as a Production Assistant at ESPN in Bristol, CT before I even graduated. In fact, I never walked the isle for my diploma because I had to get to ESPN. I think I received my dilploma a year later.

What has been a major highlight of your career thus far?

Getting to attend some of the biggest sporting events in the country (and France), Super Bowl, NBA Finals, MLB All Star Games, NCAA Tournaments, The French Open, US Open, Homestead, Long Beach Grand Prix, The Doral Open, Honda Classic...man, have I been blessed and lucky at times!

How have you stayed connected to SU?

 I stay connected by donating time and money to WAER & Newhouse. I enjoy networking with other SU alums in the business at events. I spend time and energy interacting with current students by returning to campus as often as possible for noteworthy events. I recently had four Newhouse Masters student come to California and work with me for their winter internships. That was a HUGE highlight for me!

What is your favorite memory of Syracuse University?

It's difficult to give you one memory. I think the times I have spent with Syracuse & Newhouse over the past few years at The Sports Media Center events are my favorite. #SportsMatters They give me a chance to spend time with old friends, colleagues and current students. During my college years in Syracuse, traveling with WAER to West Virginia University to do the football play-by-play for The Orange vs. The Mountaineers was AMAZING, challenging and difficult! (1st woman ever to call a football game for SU) But, that experience made me resilient and ready for whatever came my way as a woman in a "mans world." 

You can tune into the CJ Silas Show on ESPN Radio 1280, The Ticket, every Wednesday at 5 p.m.