Jennifer Erzen ’97

Jennifer Erzen

Jennifer Erzen graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in design/technical theater. After graduation, she joined Rochester, New York’s regional theater as an apprentice painter. As much as she loved it, she left the theater following the 1997-98 season and joined a management training program with Sears. After working her way up to human resource manager, she packed her bags in 2000 and headed west to become a movie producer.

Erzen has worked for various film and television production companies since 2000, including for Playtone during the production and marketing of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and on HBO’s Band of Brothers. She is employed by Fox Group, Inc., working in information technology as a senior analyst on the technology architecture and planning team.

She took the time to answer the following questions:

What do you remember most about SU?

My strong friendships with the other 11 designers in the Drama Department. There were so few of us and so many shows, we developed friendships that last to this day.

Who was your favorite professor while at SU?

Maria Marrero. In and out of the classroom she was (and still is) a strong role model for professional women in a male dominated profession.

Why did you move to LA?

I came to LA to make movies, to work on productions and hopefully become a producer. Along the way, I discovered a different path and have no regrets.