Stay Connected

Social networking makes it easy

Every Syracuse University grad takes a different path in life, but it’s easy to stay connected to friends and former classmates through a number of social networking sites that keep alumni in touch with Syracuse University and each other. 

  • The ’Cuse Community is Syracuse University’s original social network. Need to update your address, email, or current employment? Want to search for college friends, submit a class note, or read about your fellow classmates? Join today—membership is free and exclusive to Syracuse University alumni!
  • You’re probably familiar with the Facebook pages for Syracuse University and Syracuse University Alumni, but did you know that there’s a special page for the LA region? Check out Syracuse University in Los Angeles.
  • Of course, we can’t leave out LinkedIn. There are groups for the Syracuse University alumni network and ’Cuse Connect, the career advice group sponsored by the Center for Career Services.
  • There are dozens more ways to use the power of the Internet to stay engaged with Syracuse University and your fellow alumni! For a more complete list of social networking and media platforms, go to Syracuse University’s Social Media Directory.