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    Make a difference for Syracuse students!

    When you make a gift to Syracuse University, you provide the students of today—and tomorrow—with unique educational experiences and the tools they need to succeed in a world that’s ever more complex. Here are just a few of the ways you can show your support.

    Support SU in LA programming

    It’s easy to see the advantages a Los Angeles learning experience brings to SU students. Opportunities to learn from the world’s leading experts, interaction with the world-renown entertainment industry, visits to diverse cultural institutions, the challenges of living in a major metropolitan environment—all of these give students unique real-world insights that simply can’t be gained anywhere else.

    You can make such experiences possible by designating your gift toward the SULA Semester experience or immersion programs that place students in the heart of Los Angeles, where they receive hands-on, experiential learning opportunities to support their professional pursuits. Most of these activities rely on ongoing funding. Your gift can be a source of crucial support for these programs and other Los Angeles-based initiatives in SU’s schools and colleges.

    Learn more about Los Angeles immersion experiences.

    Support SU campus programs

    If your passion lies on the SU campus or in any of SU’s other regional or international centers, you can direct your gift accordingly. Whether you decide to support the dean’s fund in your school or college, student scholarships, faculty recruitment and retention, academic programs, facilities, or research, your gift will make a real difference to SU students.

    Endow a Los Angeles-based program

    We currently have three immersion programs based in Los Angeles—Sorkin Week, Art in LA, and Sport Management Week. If you are interested in endowing a Los Angeles-based program, please contact Ann Spurgeon, Regional Director of Development, Southern California at 818.561.7372 or

    Join Our Community of Experts

    SU alumni and friends can provide today’s students with invaluable support in the form of expertise and real-world experiences. Here are just a few of the ways you can participate:

    • Serve as a mentor
    • Provide internship or employment opportunities
    • Host an immersion program
    • Attend one of our SUccess in the City events

    Learn more about staying involved with SU.

    Learn how easy it is to give.