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Admissions in LA

Syracuse University has an admissions office at the Syracuse University Los Angeles center in Sherman Oaks. We also sponsor a wide range of activities for students and parents, including programs by individual colleges, auditions and portfolio reviews, information sessions, interviews, and parent workshops.

While none of these can take the place of a campus visit—which is really the best way to learn about Syracuse University—they do offer you firsthand information about Syracuse University. Since space is limited, please make your reservations at least one week in advance.

Personal Interviews

Personal interviews are available for high school students in the fall of their senior year. An interview is not required, but may strengthen your candidacy. For you, it is a chance to talk with a member of the Admissions Committee and share your goals, interests, and academic information. Interviews are conducted from mid-September through December and must be scheduled in advance by registering via the Admissions website.

To schedule an interview:

  • Select "Schedule Online"
  • Select Interview and date range, then register
  • You will receive an email confirmation

Portfolio Reviews and Auditions

We hold required portfolio reviews and auditions for students applying to the architecture, art and design, acting, musical theater, and design/technical theater programs. Typically, transfer students audition or have portfolios reviewed on the main campus in Syracuse. However, you should call the Office of Recruitment and Admissions in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at 315.443.2769 to see if it is possible to present your portfolio at the Syracuse University Los Angeles office. Please call ahead to make an appointment for portfolio review or audition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Section

There are many ways for prospective students to gather information on the University and its many schools and colleges. The Office of Admissions offers a variety of suggestions.

The Admissions Office encourages prospective students and their parents to visit Syracuse University and experience a taste of campus life. Check out the visit options and register online, or call 315.443.3611 to schedule your appointment. Transfer applicants are encouraged to call for individual appointments.

The staff of Syracuse University’s Office of Admissions is available to prospective students on campus, and in areas throughout the United States. For further details, check out how to meet us.

The Admissions Committee welcomes a family tradition at the University and gives every possible consideration to the children of alumni. However, it is important that applicants meet all the admissions requirements as outlined in the application for admission. In addition, the Admissions Committee recommends that all prospective applicants have a personal interview.

The Alumni Representative Program is a volunteer organization for recent graduates who are looking to share their experiences and enthusiasm for their alma mater. Representatives work with the Office of Admissions to recruit prospective students at college fairs and other activities. For more information or to volunteer, contact Peter Hagan, associate director of admissions, at 315.443.1595 or email