Larry Barron Fund For Mentorship

 LBFM Larry Barron Fund For Mentorship connecting SU students to LA

Larry Barron


Larry Barron left an indelible impact throughout his all too short life on the many people, business, and institutions that he touched. His enthusiasm was contagious, his positivity was inspiring, and his ability to help and mentor others, especially Syracuse University students and grads, was almost superhuman. Throughout his professional life, Larry used his incredible network to connect people for mentoring and business relationships. He staffed his production teams with SU interns every chance he could, and he helped young graduates connect with movers and shakers in the media and entertainment industry for employment opportunities before and after graduating. Part of Larry’s legacy is as a consummate mentor and business connector, on top of being one of the most caring people anyone would ever know.

Larry loved SU, he stayed deeply involved with Syracuse University his entire adult life. Larry loved Los Angeles and the media/entertainment community too. He made his career, name and home in LA. Larry loved WJPZ as one of the station’s most important student mangers during his time at SU and an influential alumnus since graduating.

And Larry loved to help young, talented, driven people.

After Larry’s passing, a fund was set up in Larry’s name at Syracuse University to carry on his legacy of mentoring and opening doors for young people aspiring to have careers in the media and entertainment business. The Larry Barron Fund for Mentorship (LBFM), a fun play on the oversized role he had in getting WJPZ on the FM dial in the 1980’s, was established to provide Syracuse students with an opportunity for meaningful connections with key industry professionals for mentoring, networking, and internship opportunities before they graduate from SU. Larry instinctively knew that getting a start in the competitive business of media and entertainment would require not just smarts and hard work, but a little help from established professional in the business. Larry’s ability to help certainly knew no bounds. It is our hope that LBFM will carry on Larry’s incredible legacy.

The Larry Barron Fund For Mentorship (LBFM) Program

Two worthy Syracuse University students will be chosen each year for a 4 day visit to Los Angeles for meetings, introductions, meet and greets, tours, meals, and activities that connect them with established executives in media and entertainment.

The LBFM program will take place over the SU Spring Break Week.

Students will be chosen based on an application submitted during the fall semester the previous year.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of Syracuse University faculty and administrators.

Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated interest in media and entertainment.
  • Demonstrated preparedness and eagerness to interact with industry professionals.
  • Demonstrated ability to benefit the most from this program, ultimately turning connections into opportunities.

One student will be chosen from applicants that are active members of the WJPZ staff and one student from the Newhouse School.

Participating Los Angeles executives will consist of both SU alumni and other industry professionals (originally in Larry’s network and growing from there).

Funds will be used to cover costs such as airfare, hotel, transportation, and most meals.

The schedule will be fully packed to maximize the exposure to the new connections and the time spent in LA for the visit. Possible schedule fly in Day 1 and out at the end of Day 4, with meals, meetings, meet and greets, activities, and more packed in between.

A marketing plan designed to reach SU students as well as alumni will tap into university social media, publications, mailing lists, and other communications resources to raise program awareness for student applications and alumni participation. We plan to use an existing SU marketing/PR major to facilitate initial marketing.