Beth Cofsky ’85

Beth Cofsky

Beth Cofsky is a Success Associate Director, Cloud Services for Salesforce. She works with large enterprises looking to innovate and transform their business processes through the use of the Salesforce platform. She has experience working with companies in a variety of verticals including automotive, gaming & hospitality, real estate, financial services, and life sciences.

Why did you choose Syracuse University?

I choose SU for a couple of reasons. First, SU was one of the only schools that had a school of Computer Science. The second was the feeling I got during my tour of the school as a senior in high school, standing on the quad. My gut said this is the right place.

What is your favorite memory of Syracuse University?

It certainly wasn’t the snow! My favorite memories stem from Greek life and basketball. My DPHIE sorority sisters were a big part of my wonderful time at SU. I joined as a sophomore and lived in the house for 2.5 years. I have fond memories of the sorority rituals; the candle lightings, 5am (or was it 6am) wake-ups to go party at a fraternity before classes, dressing up in crazy costumes for fraternity parties, MS dance marathon, formals, watching MTV together in the TV room, my big and little sisters, just to name a few. I keep up with many of them all these years later. We had an in-person reunion 2 years ago and 40+ sisters all met up for a weekend in NYC. This past Friday we had 26 sisters come together for a zoom happy hour.
SU men’s basketball was and is one of my most favorite things. I remember standing in the student section trying to see every minute of the game. Since I graduated, I’ve only seen 3 SU games in person, but I watch every single game on TV even if it is a recording several hours after the game is over.

What were your favorite classes? Or professor?

I don’t really remember having a favorite class or professor, but I have a few distinct memories! I definitely remember taking Chancellor Eggers’ Money and Banking T/TH 8am class, the Astronomy teacher throwing chalk at students who fell asleep during class, late nights on the DEC writers trying to get my program to compile and how important my TI-30 calculator was for math class. I remember being the only freshman in Calculus 301 and 302. I also remember being a math TA teaching decelerated General Math 103 and grading test papers in line while sleeping out waiting to get basketball season tickets. Even though I majored in Computer Science this was long before the internet!

How did your experience at Syracuse University prepare you for your job and shape your career?

If you look at my career progression you would think I had a plan all figured out, but I didn’t. I always tell students I mentor that the most important thing to look for when applying to your first job out of school is a great boss. I had a great one at Texas Instruments who told me to go get my MBA right away which thankfully I did. I started as a programmer at TI and knew that was not what I wanted to do. I moved into supporting and enhancing IT applications and then into Project Management at a bank. When I moved to LA, I got a job working as a consultant for a software company. A few years later at Siebel, I had the opportunity to move from consulting delivery into consulting sales. After years at Siebel/Oracle and Accruent, I continue to sell professional services at Salesforce.

Why did you move to LA? And how long have you lived here?

I moved to LA 25 years ago when my ex-husband’s job moved us here. I always talk about the power of networking and building relationships. I got my first job in LA through my network. I called someone in my network (several years before Linkedin existed) and nine connections from that call led me to my first consulting position.

What has been a major highlight of your career thus far?

I learned the art of sales watching and working with so many incredible people. I use those skills to not only being successful in sales but also leveraging that knowledge when mentoring co-workers, teens, and SU students.

How have you stayed connected to SU?

I stay connected to SU in many ways. After college, I moved to Dallas and restarted the Dallas alumni group. Once I moved to LA, I stayed involved by attending alumni events. In 2016, I joined the iSchool Board of Advisors and in 2019, I joined the LA Regional Council. I also interview prospective students who have applied to SU, moderate and speak on panels and speak with current students who want career advice.