Andrew Siciliano ‘96

Beth Cofsky

Dynamic sports broadcaster with a passion for delivering game-changing updates and insightful analysis.

What was your major/degree?

Class of 1998. Broadcast Journalism major, Political Science minor.

How did your experiences at SU shape your career?

I wouldn't be here without SU, Newhouse, and WAER. When I arrived on campus, I was a shy kid who thought he would be a Print major and work at a newspaper. Four years later, I was sitting courtside at the Meadowlands, calling play-by-play, as Syracuse played Kentucky for college basketball's national championship. No school can match what SU offers. I had great professors and challenging classes, but the real-world experience at WAER is what truly shaped us all. I learned on the job while at school.

What was your first job after college?

My first job out of SU was at WMAQ, a CBS all-new owned-and-operated radio station in Chicago. I was so fortunate to cover Michael Jordan's final two titles, Sammy Sosa's home run chase, and, most importantly, the Bears. Covering the NFL every day opened the door to so many more opportunities down the road.

What has been a major highlight of your career thus far?

Can I give you 18 years worth of highlights? Nothing can compare to launching the original Red Zone Channel on DIRECTV in 2005. It was the honor of a lifetime to host and help develop a show that changed the way we watch football. If I hadn't been screaming at 10 games in the studio, I would have been doing it at home on the couch. I was a lucky guy to have such a cool job. I also got to call three Browns games on the radio this season. The Browns are the reason this kid loves football. That was amazing.

How have you stayed connected to SU?

It's hard to stay connected from 2500 miles away, but I try! Whether it's going to SU in LA events, talking to Newhouse students, or yelling at my television on game day, I will always bleed orange.

What is your favorite memory of Syracuse University?

Flip Night at Faegan's with two feet of snow outside? I'm kidding. I'll always remember and cherish the friendships. I'll always remember the WAER road trips. I'll always remember Professor Hastings and the lessons learned in TRF 564/565. I'll always remember Professor Bennett's history lectures. I have nothing but positive memories from my four years at Syracuse.