Debra Kelley '94

Debra KelleyWhat was your major/degree? BS TRF Production/Minor in Film Theory

How did your experiences at SU shape your career? It confirmed my belief that I wanted to be an editor, even back then working on u-matic 3/4" machines.

What was you first job after college? I got a job at The Post Group in Los Angeles in the tape vault and eventually moved up to assistant editor and tech support.

What has been a major highlight of your career thus far? Seeing my work on TV on multiple tv shows as well as on the big screen.
How have you stayed connected to SU? I'll be honest that I haven't been as connected as I would have liked.  I do have an open door/email policy as far as new graduates looking for advice.  Over the years I've had recent alumni reach out to me through Joan Adler at SULA as well as from Professor Schoonmaker at the University.

What is your favorite memory of Syracuse University? The Schoony Awards and winning one.  Still waiting for my real life awards experience, but I have faith it is somewhere in my future.