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    Tales from the SULA Semester

    What better way for students to dip their toes into the "real world" than by taking part in a program that provides real world experience? These former SULA Semester students did just this and share their stories.

    • LALA Land thumbnail

      LALA Land

      I went to the beach on Tuesday. Seems like a pretty simple sentence on the surface, but lets think about this for a second. I went to the beach on Tuesday. Tuesday was October 28th.

    • Spelling Out My Time in Los Angeles thumbnail

      Spelling Out My Time in Los Angeles

      Living in LA is everything the songs and movies make it out to be. Nothing does come close to the golden coast when you’re lying underneath the palm trees on a warm October day.
    • Keep on Food Trucking thumbnail

      Keep on Food Trucking

      Aside from my internship and the free HBO at the Oakwood, the thing I’m going to miss most about Los Angeles is the food.
    • Interning for Conan O’Brien thumbnail

      Interning for Conan O’Brien

      On one of my first days interning at "Conan," I was hanging out in the kitchen with a few of the other interns, still trying to adjust and learn the ropes when who walks in but Conan and a cameraman.
    • The Syracuse Network thumbnail

      The Syracuse Network

      Networking: one of the most overused words at Syracuse by faculty and staff. Until arriving in Los Angeles I always dismissed the idea of networking.
    • NY / LA thumbnail

      NY / LA

      LA is like NYC but with more driving, better beaches, and worse bagels. Even if you rank bagels high on your priority list, as I do, you should still give LA a shot. Or maybe not. There are already enough people out here taking up all the parking spots.
    • Stand Up at The Comedy Store thumbnail

      Stand Up at The Comedy Store

      The Comedy Store is a club mentioned in every story of a comedian on the path to make it big, so I was excited when I got booked to do a show there.
    • The World of TV Development thumbnail

      The World of TV Development

      I came out to LA with my heart set on a production internship but quickly came to realize that those are few and far between these days.

    • LA Animated: Adventures in 3D printing and VFX thumbnail

      LA Animated: Adventures in 3D printing and VFX

      One of the coolest experiences I’ve had out here in LA was coming up with the idea of printing my own custom splint for the broken finger I reinjured playing basketball at the Oakwood.
    • Disclaimer: This Blog is Not for Vegetarians thumbnail

      Disclaimer: This Blog is Not for Vegetarians

      Before I left for LA, I fantasized about going to spinning classes, drinking kale smoothies and rubbing elbows with celebrities. I didn’t realize I didn’t have to suffer into vegan submission to enjoy LA because this city has a knack for one thing: BURGERS! Like a snowflake, each burger is unique and I set out to try as many as I can.
    • Comfortable With Uncomfortable thumbnail

      Comfortable With Uncomfortable

      One of the visiting speakers this week told us to “be comfortable with being uncomfortable,” in reference to her work as a commercial and film producer. She had done it all, from slogging through difficult shoots to scrounging to find a horse at the last minute for a commercial. Her message was that we learn to become familiar with the unfamiliar.
    • California Living  thumbnail

      California Living

      Going to Syracuse, I knew what to expect: mountains of snow… on the sidewalk…in November. But I was ok with that because I knew junior year I was going to trade it just for a semester to revel in the green juice and hipster loving capital of our nation, Los Angeles.
    • Getting the Most Out of Your Internship thumbnail

      Getting the Most Out of Your Internship

      Like many East Coast natives, I did not know what LA was truly like until I got here. Being immersed in the entertainment industry has not only helped me to understand how this fascinating business really works and how to find my place in its sprawling environment, but it’s also taught me that the business is largely based on relationships. 
    • The Declassified SULA Survival Guide thumbnail

      The Declassified SULA Survival Guide

      Michelle’s (Probably Relevant) Guidelines on How to Survive LA:
      Learn how to parallel park! Unless you want to learn under pressure during traffic in a city you’re unfamiliar, and with parking signs you don’t understand. You will have to parallel park—there is no escape.