LA Animated: Adventures in 3D printing and VFX by Christian Green

Christian GreenSULA and my internship really gave me a kick-start into my career that I will value for the rest of my life. My internship at “Filmworks/FX” does a great job in showing me what careers in visual effects I may or may not want to pursue. It’s showed me that I no longer want to work in traditional 3D modeling, but it however peeked my interest in 3D printing. One of the coolest experiences I’ve had out here in LA was coming up with the idea of printing my own custom splint for the broken finger I reinjured playing basketball at the Oakwood.

I was very upset knowing I could no longer play basketball until it healed. The splints I bought before prevented me from being able to draw and get work done for school and my internship. That’s when I decided to take advantage of the MakerBot 3D printer I was working with at my internship. It took some time to get the size to match correctly to my finger, but after a few prints it fit perfectly. This new printed splint helped prevent my finger from bending and causing any further injury. The SULA and internship experience not only showed me the value and potential of 3D printing, but the importance of taking advantage of todays technologies.

Christian Green finger splint
Christian's 3D printed finger splint.