Women In Comedy

April 18, 2018

This year for our annual Jack Oakie Comedy program we featured leading ladies in comedy! Including: Kimmy Gatewood, writer and actor from “GLOW"; Darlene Hunt, creator of “The Big C”; Lyric Lewis from “Drunk History”; Alison Bennett, supervising producer for “You’re The Worst”; Joy Gohring, director for "Funny or Die" ; and Karen McCullah, screenwriter and producer for "Legally Blonde."

Spring semester students group photoPanelist Darlene Hunt speaks at the 2018 Jack Oakie Comedy eventSU Alums enjoying Women in Comedy panelPanelist Kimmy Gatewood commenting on a questionModerator Julie Chambers with panelists Lyric Lewis, Joy Gohring, Kimmy Gatewood, Alison Bennett, Karen McCullah and Darlene Hunt.   Lyric Lewis speaking to alums at the Jack Oakie Comedy eventGroup photo with Women in Comedy panelists and Jack Oakie Trustee, David Sonne Alumnas enjoying the Jack Oakie receptionAlumni relaxing before Jack Oakie programActress Lyric Lewis with Jack Oakie Trustee David Sonne and alumniPanelist Joy Gohring with alum Alexis Ostrander and moderator Julie Chambers Jack Oakie Comedy event 2018 receptionPanelists Lyric Lewis, Kimmy Gatewood and Alison Bennett Alumni enjoying grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters