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    Lessons on life in LA

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    Syracuse University Los Angeles hosted a screening of the award-winning indie film "No Pay, Nudity," followed by a discussion with the filmmakers at the Real D Theater in Beverly Hills on March 14, 2017. Syracuse Assistant Vice President of Regional Programs in LA Joan Adler welcomed alumni, along with SU students participating in the "Sorkin Week" and "Arts in LA" spring immersion programs.

    "No Pay, Nudity," a 2016 comedy/drama starring Gabriel Byrne, Nathan Lane, and Frances Conroy, tells the tale of actors who spend most of their days hanging out at the Actors Equity Lounge. The panel consisted of screenwriter and actor Ethan Sandler and composer Craig Richey and was moderated by KABC Radio host Doug McIntyre of “McIntyre in the Morning”.

    “This film shows the perseverance and fortitude actors have to maintain, to have the faith and confidence to move on in the face of adversity. It is part of their framework to never stop believing the dream,” moderator Doug McIntyre shared with the audience.

    Author Ethan Sandler explained the title of the film, “We would see these ads in the theater trades demanding high levels of talent followed by "no pay, nudity" and it would seem so ironic. It makes you question what would someone be willing to do to get their career in motion." 

    The film also examines how fellow actors respond to another’s success. Composer Craig Richey said his philosophy is, “If you can’t celebrate somebody else’s success, you’re not ready for your own,” which drew huge applause from the audience.