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    Generation Orange Alumni Spotlight: Jade Farentinos ’14

    April 12, 2016

    JadeAfter graduating from SU’s Whitman School of Management, Jade Farentinos returned to Southern California to work for the family business, Architectural Mailboxes, in Redondo Beach. She managed the remodel of the company’s online presence by working with web designers and public relations firms to coordinate a fluid brand, and is now a brand manager at Wisdom Stone, the company’s cabinet hardware brand specializing in stylish and unique knobs and pulls. Farentinos manages all activities involved with the Wisdom Stone brand by developing new models with the design team, coordinating their development with the engineering department, and interfacing with factories to ensure the production of quality products. 

    What was your major/degree?

    Retail Management and Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises

    How did your experiences at Syracuse University shape your career?

    My experience at Syracuse University shaped my career by teaching me how to make meaningful connections. Not only did I connect with industry professionals and leaders, but I also made great connections with my fellow students. I have only been out of school about 2 years and I am already making great use of these connections from hiring former classmates for contracted jobs and mentoring current students on their career path.

    How have you stayed involved and connected to SU?

    I have stayed connected by keeping in contact with my favorite professors, as well as being a mentor in the Whitman mentorship program. I have three current students that I am mentoring and I am enjoying every minute!

    What are you working on now?

    After about a year of working at Trader Joe’s, I left and joined the family business! Architectural Mailboxes, the mother company, decided to branch out from exterior home goods and venture into interior home goods with its new brand of cabinet hardware, Wisdom Stone. I came on board and took on the role of brand manager. I do everything from communicating with our factories to managing the development of the brand.