"S.W.A.T." screening provides insight into the entertainment industry for immersion students

SWAT banner

Action. Suspense. Laughter. While these words could be used to describe the thrilling first episode of the hit CBS show S.W.A.T, they can also be used to describe the exciting and informative immersion event hosted by Syracuse University Los Angeles. The event, held at the stunning Harmony Gold Theatre, provided a viewing of the S.W.A.T. pilot, as well as a talkback afterwards with the prestigious members of the cast and creative team. The event catered to past and current Syracuse University students, giving them an opportunity to mingle and welcome the many L.A Semester students into the sunny Los Angeles environment, complete with drinks, dinner, and entertainment.

SWAT actors and creators on talkback panelThe S.W.A.T. pilot itself was action packed and kept the audience on the edge of their seat throughout the premiere, leaving many viewers itching for more once the credits crossed the screen. The talkback afterwards was just as exhilarating, featuring many prominent actors, including Jay Harrington, a Syracuse University alum who currently portrays David ‘Deacon’ Kay on the show. The actors and creative team on the talkback panel provided insight into the show, the message they hope comes across in the writing, and wisdom for the multiple students and emerging artists in the crowd.  The talkback panel’s diverse set of voices mixed with the shows poignant message resounded with many audience members, not only leaving everyone with a new perspective, but also with a new show to binge watch with their new acquaintances.

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