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    SULA hosts private film screening of "Trumbo"

    February 25, 2016

    Trumbo panel discussion

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    Syracuse University alumni and students recently gathered for a private screening of the critically acclaimed film Trumbo at the Harmony Gold Theater on Sunset Boulevard. More than 200 alumni and 43 students participating in the Syracuse University in Los Angeles Semester Program attended the screening. The Syracuse University in Los Angeles event included a panel discussion, led by renowned film and TV critic Ben Mankiewicz. On the panel were producer and Newhouse grad Monica Levinson ’90, producer Janice Williams, director Jay Roach, editor Alan Baumgarten, costume designer Daniel Orlandi, and actor Dean O’Gorman.

    "Ben Mankiewicz did an amazing job as moderator,” says Joan Adler G’76, SU’s assistant vice president of regional programs in Los Angeles. “He asked great, insightful questions, not only about the movie, but the substance of the film.”

    The movie is the story of Dalton Trumbo, a talented screenwriter in the 1940s, who was blacklisted from Hollywood for his political beliefs. Producers Levinson and Williams were the driving forces in the making of the movie, which depicted a time in Hollywood that is rarely discussed or portrayed in film. “It wasn’t easy to get funding for a biopic, so the film was relatively low budget,” Levinson noted. In fact, she and Williams admitted with a laugh, there was “no money at all” for costumes, presenting a challenge for designer Orlandi.

    “The screening was a wonderful opportunity for our alumni and students to view the film, and hear about this piece of Hollywood history,” Adler says. “We’re grateful to the moderator and panel for taking the time to share their experiences—and that of Dalton Trumbo—with us. Special thanks to Monica Levinson for helping organize this event. She’s emblematic of the strong support we receive from SU alumni.”